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1. Size:

  • 22-inch MJ56: This is the most common size and offers ample space for illuminating your face or product during photography, streaming, or makeup application.
  • 10-inch MJ56: Smaller and more portable, suitable for close-up shots or when space is limited.

2. LED Count and Brightness:

  • High-count versions: Some MJ56 models have 320 or 512 LEDs, providing brighter and more even illumination.
  • Standard count: Others might have 160 or 268 LEDs, suitable for basic use in well-lit environments.

3. Color Modes and Control:

  • RGB with remote control: Offers various color options and effects alongside brightness adjustments via a remote controller.
  • Warm and Cool Light: Simpler models might only offer adjustable white light temperature (warm or cool tones).

4. Additional Features:

  • Phone holder: Some MJ56 lights include a built-in or attachable phone holder for convenient camera positioning.
  • Tripod stand: Others might come with a stand for adjustable height and placement
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